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Outlaw Bella Starr


Zodiac SignVirgo
Body typecurvy
Sexual preferenceI love men
SmokeMarlboro sometimes
CityHere and There

Just Me....

Who Is Bella Starr ???

Bella Starr is 100% Outlaw and all woman. She rides the fence - sometimes she is a good girl, sometimes she is bad.  She is at her best when she is being bad. She lives by an old code where loyalty and your word are everything. She loves and fights with all her heart. Bella does not know how to do anything half way; it's all or nothing with her. She demads attention and loyalty from those she considers friends. She is like a fire that burns in your veins, once you get to know her you only want more......

I invite you to get to know more......

Outlaw Bella Starr

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01/19/2021 00:59
Damn, you are all woman and a fucking outlaw! i just watched you"re video on xhamster. Hot as fuck the way your fingers slid in and out of your wet pussy got my dick hard . You have a great rack of tits! Have you thought about getting any piercings in your cunt? No complaints but it would put you over top
john myers
07/05/2020 06:50
I'd like to know more, please,,
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